A clone of the hacking minigame from Paradroid, using the HTML5 canvas API. This version is for one or two players.

Made for #LOWREZJAM 2016!

WARNING: rapidly flashing lights.


There are twelve lights in the center of the screen. The object of the game is to switch as many of them to your colour as possible before the timer runs out. You have ten seconds!

Once the timer fills up, the game begins. Each player has five power nodes, and a random arrangement of wires connecting to the lights. Move a node up and down to select a wire, then use the node to power that wire.

Some wires can power multiple lights; some lights require multiple powered wires. Nodes only last for a few seconds before burning out, so use them wisely.


Player 1:
W Move node up
S Move node down
D Use node

Player 2:
Move node up
Move node down
Use node

Esc Return to menu

When a round is over, press any key to start a new round.


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Wow really cool graphics, controlling with mouse would maybe be nice, but nice work!